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About Richard H Kirk:

The hardest working man in techno is a music making god! The REAL Captain Kirk! Member of Cabaret Voltaire.

Richard H. kirk also produces work under these Pseudo Aliases: Al Jabr, Anarchia, Biochemical Dread, Bit Crackle, Blacworld, Chemical Agent, Citrus, Cold Warrior, Dark Magus, Destructive Impact, Dr. Xavier, Electronic Eye, Extended Family, Frightgod, Future Cop Movies, International Organisation, King Of Kings, Multiple Transmission, Nine Miles Dub, Nitrogen, Orchestra Terrestrial, Outland Assassin, Papadoctrine, Port Au Prince, PSI Punky Dread Allstars, Reflexiv, The Revolutionary Army (Of The Infant Jesus), Robots + Humanoids, Sandoz, Signals Intelligence, The Silent Age, Trafficante, Ubermenschlich, Ubu Rahmen, Wicky Wacky and Vasco de Mento.

Richard H Kirk produces a wide scope of electronic music, mainly classified under Techno, although his Sandoz output is Dub, and due to his vast output there are probably treasures even the most ardent fan my have missed.

Always concerned with artistically uncompromising music this keeps him away from the mainstream when such talent deserves recognition.

“I’m still using an Atari 1040ST and a program called Creator which is from 1989, I think. I’m still writing on that and using midi, running a lot of old analogue synthesizers, a couple of samplers.” RHK from trackitdown.net (March 28, 2006).

Richard H Kirk makes inspiring music which is a pleasure to the ears and mind.

More at: wikipedia

About the Fan Club:

R.H.K.F.C. is a Fan Club and unofficial with no direct link to RHK. Is non-profit and completely free to be a part of. We are mostly at Facebook.

Disclaimer: we in no way wish to infringe the copyright of RHK this is a fan club and we want you to go buy from Kirk himself.

Richard H. Kirk official site: www.richardhkirk.com

R.H.K.F.C. since 2003


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